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Key features

Your own nutritional profile
Detailed information about any product
Notifications about everything
Shared shopping cart
Food item comparison
Food quality reviews

How does it work

Fill out your personal profile

Scan a barcode

View product details

Check the Fit Index


What are personal profiles and how to use them?

Personal profiles store personal preferences of the user and his family or friends – like allergies, disliked food, preferred country of origin of the food, notification settings and so on. Tasty will then let you know if the displayed food item fulfils any of the conditions set.

You can set up a variety of preferences: undesirable food reactions, particular products, countries of origin or nutritional profile. All of these can be assigned to specific people or for every user of your family account. Setting up your personal profile is very useful for anyone who needs or wants to take precautions when choosing food, but doesn’t want to read long and difficult-to-understand food labels.

To add a new preference simply tap “Family preferences” or an icon of a specific user profile just under it. Then you need to choose a desired category. Every user can assign preferences to three colour-coded categories: Undesirable, Notifications or Favourites. Then you just need to tap the Plus (+) button to add a preference of this type.

What can we compare products by?

Tasty allows users to compare products based on other users’ reviews, energy contents and by a type of macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fats) contained in a referential amount of the food item (usually 100 grams or 100 millilitres).

How do I understand the values shown by the semi-circular dials?

These dials allow Tasty to show how does a particular product’s information like energy content, protein content, food additives and others compare with the average, the minimum and the maximum of a particular food group.

This makes it instantly clear whether the food item’s nutrient content is close to the usual value (shown by the middle dark blue portion of the dial) or if it is in any way different from the average of the category.

The information shown on the label is different from the info in the app. How can I fix this?

If you ever notice a difference between the information on the label of the product and the information shown after you scan the product’s barcode, you can let us know about the mistake through the “Report an error” button shown near the product details in the lowest part of the screen. Tasty will then ask you to tap in the actual contents and to take a picture of the products label.

I want to add a product that is not yet in your database, or other information that are missing. How can I do that?

When you scan a barcode Tasty automatically searches for the product through our database. Because there are a lot of food items available, the database is always growing and any user can add new information for everyone’s benefit. We will be very happy if you choose to do so as well. After scanning a product that is not yet in the database, the user needs to take photographs showing the product’s weight or volume, contents and nutritional contents, its name and an overall profile picture for the food item. The whole process is quick and simple and will allow every user to benefit from the ever-growing database.

Is the registration and everything else in Tasty free of charge?


Is it possible to rearrange the cards that show product details?

Yes, you can freely move the cards with product details around. Just grab their icon on the right side of the card.

Why should I register an account?

Registered users can leave comments on product pages and create user profiles and preferences for themselves and others.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Just tap the “I forgot my password” link on Tasty’s login page. Our servers will automatically generate a temporary password and send it to your email address. After you log in with the temporary password, you will be asked to choose a new permanent one.

How can I change my password?

Your password can be changed in the “Settings” menu.

How do I share my shopping cart with my family members?

Tasty makes it simple to buy groceries for your whole family. One of the ways it does that is through the shared shopping cart. Your family members just need to be logged in under your family account. Sharing your shopping cart allows all your family members to edit the shopping list from different devices and to mark off the products once they’ve been bought.

Won’t sending all those photos eat up my phone’s data plan?

Nope! Tasty is set up to send photos only after you have connected to a Wi-Fi network. So you don’t need to worry about exceeding your data limits

I bought the Family Account, but filled in the incorrect email address by accident. What should I do?

If you fill in the wrong email during registration, contact us through the contact form on our website. Our support team is ready to help you.

Where did the idea of Tasty come from?

The idea of a smart shopping app comes from Android developper Vladimir Elias, with whom we developed the Tasty together. More about his projects and work can be found on his webpages

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